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Mayor Eric Garcetti Headshot"We are sharing City data with the public to increase transparency, accountability, customer service, and to empower companies, individuals, and non-profit organizations with the ability to harness a vast trove of useful information to improve life in our City. I hope that this data will drive innovation and problem solving within the public and private sectors and that Angelenos will use it to more deeply understand and engage with their City."

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We publish and maintain up-to-date, quality data that can be used by City staff, the public, and private partners.


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We use best-in-class analytics to tackle mayoral priorities and advance citywide capabilities in data analytics.


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We advance user-centered design in development of all City digital services.



• Be the most open and transparent city in the US.
• Expand the use of data and analytics to streamline service delivery and drive innovation in all operational processes. 
• Improve user experience across all digital services and assets.

To reach our goals, we collaborate to::
Maximize public benefit of all IoT and real-time data that is captured, stored, and verified.
• Design and operate IoT systems to protect the public, ensure the integrity of services, and promote resilience.



Since taking office in July of 2013, Mayor Eric Garcetti has continually demonstrated his commitment to a more open and accountable Los Angeles. 

DataLA Timeline

City departments and the Controller’s Office work closely with the Mayor’s Office to make the most of City data. Below are a few examples of City achievements through shared data.



Open data gives Angelenos a platform to discuss the City’s most pressing challenges. It gives civically-minded citizens an opportunity to get involved in issues they care about. The accessibility of open data can also spur civic engagement and lead to new apps, maps, and tools that efficiently connect residents to City services. Everyone can benefit from the insight that data puts at your fingertips. We hope you use our data channels to engage with our City.

Open Data Portal

The Open Data Portal hosts the City’s first data library, available in an accessible format to empower businesses, the public, and nonprofit organizations.

LA GeoHub

This map-based platform uses geographic data to foster communication across City departments, spur innovation, and increase community engagement through storymaps and apps. The GeoHub has a City and public platform to maximize internal and external data sharing.

The Mayor's Dashboard

This dynamic performance analytics tool helps the City improve service delivery, allows Angelenos to track the City’s progress and monitor goals, and puts us on a path to building a livable, prosperous, well run, and safe City for all.

Open Budget LA

Open Budget LA is an analytics tool that makes it easier for the public to review the City's finances by offering interactive graphs of the current and past budget, including multi-year trends, departmental revenue, and expenditure details.