Office of Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti

The Welcome Home Project

The Welcome Home Project seeks to engage Angelenos in conversations about homelessness to educate them on the City’s solutions and mobilize them toward action. This project reminds us that homeless Angelenos are not statistics: they are people, with stories, families, and dreams of building a future. By gathering in private homes, community centers, faith-based sanctuaries, and places of business, and talking frankly about homelessness, the Welcome Home Project creates a cultural shift in the way we treat those experiencing homelessness.

Angelenos are encouraged to sign-up as volunteer hosts, invite friends, family, and neighbors to a gathering, and guide them through a conversation on homelessness. The Mayor’s Office will supply talking points and reference materials so that hosts are comfortable leading the discussion. When gathered, participants are invited to take direct action through the creation of a Welcome Home Basket to be delivered to recently housed individuals and families in need of essential items.

Here are some ways you can get involved!Gathering Tile 2Gathering Tile 3

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